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Overview Of Kingston Jamaica: Known as the heartbeat of the English speaking Caribbean islands and is the home of the legendary Bob Marley and historian philosopher Marcus Garvey, this website explores almost every aspect of life in the Jamaican capital with useful links to other great Kingston Jamaica resources. Kingston has an average population of 497,000 making it a bustling, sprawling city. It is not a resort paradise similar to the north coast and is built around travel for the business tourist. The original waterfront area along Harbor Street has been re-developed to make it one of the most budding Jamaican landscapes around. It has become a haven for Jamaican business especially dry goods retail and wholesale businesses. In the early 1960’s the downtown area consisted of both residential and commercial properties, however in recent times has become completely over run by commercial properties.

Kingston must not be confused with St. Andrew, they are actually two separate parishes, however because they are controlled by one municipality then Kingston usually refers to both Kingston and St. Andrew the parish (KSAC). The latter is much larger in both population and size. The capital city is divided into zones, from Kingston, which is termed as Zone 1 and Kingston 2 – Kingston 20. This is somewhat like Jamaica’s version of the US based zip code. Any mail going to Kingston Jamaica should have one of these zones attached. The city is home to the Prime Ministers home and central headquarters to all ministries of government for Jamaica. It must not be doubted that it does have all the nuances that most of the other parishes don’t not to mention that it is the most over populated of the 14 parishes. Of the entire employed population The city is home to at least 40% an astonishing figure considering the relatively small size of Kingston Jamaica. Port Royal once a parish for itself was merged into Kingston Jamaica in 1865 and added a unique attraction immediately. The old pirate capital sank beneath the waves in a violent earthquake in 1692. The Maritime Museum located in Fort Charles itself while the Port Royal Archaeological and Historical Museum, which houses artifacts salvaged from the sunken city, is situated in the old Naval Hospital.

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The heartbeat of Jamaica, Kingston is the largest English-speaking city south of Florida. It was founded in 1692 as a refuge for Port Royal residents shaken by the massive earthquake. The city has had a dreary past; in 1872, it became the capital of Jamaica and has since then been the cultural, economic and social centre of the island. Along roads and streets, you will see and learn much about Jamaica, its history and culture. Nowhere in Kingston is busier than the streets of Downtown. The city has many of the island’s most historic monuments. It is a bustling business district with busy streets and crowded sidewalks. The capital city has a vibrancy, brashness and unpredictability of our Jamaican lifestyle. There are several pristine Jamaican monuments. The National Heroes Park in Kingston Jamaica is a 74-acre park was established to honor the former founders of the Jamaican country including Jamaican independence. The park was laid on the former site of the Kingston Jamaica race course When Jamaica gained its independence in 1962, the park was redesigned. Kingston Jamaica heroes park now serves as the resting place of three of Jamaica’s national heroes: Marcus Garvey, Sir Alexander Bustamante and Norman Washington Manley. The national heroes’ park also has several sculptures commemorating the lives of many Jamaica’s national heroes, and a cemetery, where such popular people such as past Prime Minister Michael Manley are buried.

Gordon House or the  parliament is in downtown. This building has been the seat of parliament since its construction in 1960, when it replaced its neighbor, the Headquarters House in Downtown Kingston. The building is named in honor of a National Hero, George William Gordon, a member of the Jamaican house of Assembly in the mid-1800s, who spoke out against the unfair treatment of local blacks by members of the white society and colonial government. Gordon was tried and sentenced to death in the aftermath of the 1865 rebellion. Beside Gordon House is Headquarters House. Previously called Hibbert House, this building is home to the Jamaica National Heritage Trust (JNHT). The headquarters house was one of several Jamaican homes built in the mid-to-late 18th century, a time of great wealth for some residents. Parade is a throwback to the city’s early days, when the British paraded and marched in this area. Currently Jamaica’s transportation hub, parade boasts several sites such as the Ward Theatre home to the Jamaican National Pantomime, which opens on December 26 annually, rain or shine, and usually runs into March or April of the New Year. At the northern entrance to the Downtown Park, there is a statue of Jamaica hero Norman Manley. The statue was tribute to one of Jamaica’s founding fathers, Norman Washington Manley, who was also the founder of the People’s National Party (PNP), the father of perhaps our most renowned Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley.

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The difference between Jamaica real estate foreclosure and a Pre-foreclosure: When a home owner defaults on his/her mortgage payments the lending institution will default on the loan. If the Jamaican mortgage company defaults on your loan it reflects negatively on the mortgagee. If the mortgagee cannot liquidate the Jamaican property in time the lending institution or Jamaican Mortgage Company will seize control of the property. Kingston Jamaica Pre-Foreclosure is a bit different, the owner of the Jamaican property is able to sell the real estate for below the Estimated Market Value and for lower than what the mortgage balance is that remains on the property. This is done to prevent the lender from seizing the Jamaican property in a foreclosure and risk the chance of losing equity as well. This is like a loan assumption where the new buyer only pays the equity to the owner and still owes the bank as they might be in a better position to assume the mortgages.