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Port Royal is undoubtedly the most renowned Jamaican historical site. The primary historical site is Fort Charles. This is the oldest and largest of the Kingston Jamaica city's six fortresses. Fort Charles in Port Royal was built in the 17th century by Lord Horatio Nelson, Admiral Rodney
and Sir. Henry Morgan and many other famous men strode proudly across the ramparts of this fearsome fort, which boasted as many as 104 cannons and 500 hundred men. The small, but informative museum of Port Royal helps all visitors of the Kingston Jamaica attraction.

The Giddy House another major attraction was a structure at the Kingston Jamaica Port Royal division were constructed in 19th century and badly damaged by the earthquake of 1907. Don’t leave without testing out the amazing effect of walking on the Giddy House’s sloping floor. Just outside Fort Charles, you will see a former Royal Navy station, now the headquarters of the Jamaica Defense Coast Guard named Cagway is a vestige of the town’s past and also another major Kingston Jamaica attraction and tour. It was the English version of Cayo de Carena, the original Spanish name of the island upon which the Port Royal Kingston Jamaica was founded.

An inlet called Chocolata Hole is where small vessels used to dock in this harbor and many Kingston Jamaica locals and tourists find this attraction very intriguing,. The land was later reclaimed and used by the British Royal Navy, and then by the Jamaica Police Force, as a marching ground hence they decided to call the Kingston Jamaica area Parade Ground.

In front of the Parade ground is a old ship’s mast was the only remnant of a sloop, which was docked in harbor, during the earthquake and adjacent to the mast is The Royal Engineer’s Arch, which is a great monument for Port Royal which the British army built a red brick archway to mark the entrance to the old military complex. The current post office in Port Royal was actually a 18th Century building that served as Officers’ Barracks for the British Royal Navy.

The St. Peters Church is a virtual museum of Port Royal’s history; the chapel has stood on this site since the 1726. In the churchyard, you will find the grave of Port Royal’s most famous resident Louis Galdy. Visit his tombstone and read the fascinating inscription. Inside the church in Port Royal are many other interesting relics, including the communion silver, which is believed to date to the 17th century in Port Royal and was a gift from the notorious pirate Henry Morgan.

The Old Naval hospital in Port Royal was built in the 1819 and the hospital is one of the only examples of pre-fabricated construction in Port Royal. Its cast iron sections were manufactured in England and shipped to Jamaica for its construction. The Old Naval hospital now serves as a research lab for the Jamaica National Heritage Trust Archaeological Division in Port Royal.

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